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2020 Gift Giving Guide

Hey Dolls,

Christmas is near and whether it's a gift for bae or the white elephant exchange at work we want to get it RIGHT! It's important that gifts are thoughtful, useful and appropriate. Let's chat about 2020's top gifting items.


Subscriptions are a great gift. It's a way to give a monthly gift. Additionally, they'll get a special gift on their birthday so it's like a 2-for-1.

I am not sure if there is any better gift than a wine and cheese subscription. It's the gift that keeps giving. Just be sure that the person you're gifting is of age.

Ipsy subscription- This is probably the best option for the Doll that likes to try new things and continue to evolve in their beauty routines. She'll be able to reinvent herself month after month with new products.


It feels like every celebrity and influencer has a make-up collab or a skin-care line. This plethora of choices can make it hard to figure out which products are worth your money and most effective. The last thing you want to do is buy a facial kit that's breaks out your friend or a make-up palette that's so under pigmented it takes bae even longer to get dressed because she's applying 60 layers of shadow.

For the Dolls that love a pop of color The Sephora Favorites Give More Lip Kit is a must have. This kit combines the most popular shades and brands of lipstick all in one kit. It's a cool way to try new colors and grow or start your collection with tried and true favorites.

If the person you're gifting is a lover of eye shadow palettes they will love the Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette. Pat is the queen of highly pigmented shadows. The risk of faulty shading is very low. This palette is tried and true.

Mac is a CLASSIC! This 12pc sample kit is the perfect gift for lipstick lovers and Dolls that want to try new shades. They're also really great shades for the season. This gift set will satisfy the label lover and the most critical lipstick connoisseur.

Skincare gifts can be very risky! There are so many reasons this can go wrong. You don't want to gift someone something that says "pore shrinking", anti-aging" or anything that can be seen as shade. I strongly suggest that if you're not purchasing more of what someone already uses just avoid the risk. But if you're committed to purchasing a skincare gift Lancôme is an amazing brand. It has been around for years and offers tons of products.


You can't go wrong with the gift of technology. Whether it's the latest phone, watch, air pods or tech gadget they'll be excited. We suggest adding to the person you're gifting collection instead of replacing their old devices unless it's time for an upgrade. Also it's never a good idea to try to switch an Apple user to Android or vice versa.


I swear by the Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler. I gift it to nearly everyone I know and even grab a couple for myself. Not only can the giftee try all of the most popular scents in the end they can chose their favorite scent in full size.

It's no Birkin bag but this Hermes Sampler Set is a popular gift this season. It's a great way to try luxury for less.

While it's not all about the gifts, there is no better feeling that giving or receiving the perfect gift. We want to know Dolls, what are you go-to gifts? What are you hoping for this holiday season? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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