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2022 Summer Swimwear Guide

Hey Dolls,

Summer is finally near and you know what that means ALL THINGS SWIM! Whether you prefer a bikini, monokini, classic or trendy I'll be giving you the full breakdown on how to serve vibes this summer season!

Barbie Vibes

With the "Barbie" movie quickly approaching and Barbie being thee most popping fashion trend this summer( I mean did you see what Margot Robbie did to Harley Quinn). Be on the lookout for bright pops of pink and super feminine silhouettes. Bright colors can have the tendency to make things look bigger. So keep that in mind when styling your swim look. Place lighter brights on what you want to make bigger and darker brights on the parts you'd like to look smaller.

Sexy Monokini's

First there were dad jeans and now there's moms' monokini. Previously reserved for moms and the most conservative beach goers, the monokini is now for the GWORLS! They're sassier than ever and the options are endless. Luckily for us we've foregone sun tans for spray tans. So, we don't have to worry about the crazy tan lines. The key to slaying this look is unique-ness. You want crazy cut-outs, bold colors paired with the traditional silhouettes.

Neon Bikini's

Tiktok brought the stanky-leg back with a vengeance and neon fabrics right along with it. I mean, if we're honest neon came back in 2017 and we keep thinking this season is going to be its' last but it keeps morphing into a more powerful color palette. This season the everyday poolside look is a classic neon bikini. This looks is fun and simple to execute. Grab your favorite neon color and you're done!


Poolside glam continues to elevate and we are here for it. Poolside glam is my favorite. The options are endless! Whether it's a private residence or a beautiful resort paying attention to the details will assure that you "turn a look". Here's what you'll need a bikini or monokini, a hat, bandana or scarf, some killer flats or heels and a fire cover-up. These are the key elements for a very glamorous swim styling.


Cover-ups are a summer essential. Whether you're poolside, oceanside, or chillin' at the lake, you'll need a cover-up for the occasion. Gone are the days of the solid basic mini dress cover-up. This year cover-up skirts, pants and shorts are the front runners. Solid white is the go to color for ease of pairing with all your existing swimwear.


Summer isn't really summer'ing until there's a white party. White parties are my absolute fave because who doesn't look great in white and the vibes are unmatched. But they can be daunting too. How do you create a look that's uniquely you and will stand out? Think outside the box. This is not the time for a classic kini'. Now's the time for fringe, metallics and other unique features.

Swim season is literally my favorite season. It encompasses all the best things sun, sand, water, swimwear, boating and great times. This summer will be the best in a while. We're all ready to get back out there make sure you keep these tips in mind to SLAY!

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