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2023 Fall Fashion Rundown

Hey Dolls,

Let's spill the tea on the 2023 Fall fashion trends. From the looks of the runway it seems like we're going to take a quick jaunt into the early 2000's. We're talking 2006-2016 to be specific. We're bringing back our "going out tops", bright red as the go-to accent color, the creeping emergence of black leggings, OBNOXIOUSLY oversized sweaters, and the most basic, whoops we mean most classic boots you can get your hands on. Oh and we can't forget to mention business casual EVERYWHERE!

First up, "going out tops"! If you're gen z you missed a really magical time when all the stores were full of bling-y tank tops, peplum tops of every variety and a few polo shirts that made that were club approved. Imagine this, it's Saturday night and you and every girl that's 25 and under are wearing jeans and a "going out top". It was a fun time and now it's back.

Tip: Don't do too much. Let your top highlight one element. You don't want to be "gaudy" or in a costume. So go for a peplum top or a glammed up tank and leave the bejeweled peplum on the rack.

Next, we noticed red is back and it's red hot. The only pop of color to be seen for miles and miles of runway was red. Circa 2010-2015 the only pop of color worn was red. It's back now with a spicy, sassy vengeance. That leads us to the question is red the new black?

Tip: To bring this look up to date avoid basic pairings such an animal print and red or stripes and red. Instead try some hot pink and red color blocking or a crisp white and red combo.

Leggings are slowly coming back this Fall. It really makes us sad but nonetheless they're back, they're black and that's it on that!

Tip: Make sure your leggings are pristine no lent, runs or discoloration. It's bad enough they're back. Let's do better than before.

This fall is set to be the coziest of them all with the resurgence of the oversized sweater and the sweater dress. Designers seemed to embrace the classic fall silhouette of oversized sweaters, leggings and a cute boot. It's the PSL (pumpkin spice latte) of fall fashion.

Tip: Don't confuse this with athleisure and hoodies. It's cool to wear coats again. So layer your fave sweater with a cute jacket before you reach for that hoodie.

Boots, boots and more boots. Sneaker culture seemed to dominate season after season but this Fall the boot is kicking down the fashion door. Everything is trending. So, whether you're a riding boot girl or a frisky thigh high stiletto girl just know you can't go wrong.

Tip: This boot trend has gone wild. There's no wrong way to do it. Wear your Timberlands and everything else. We're here for the boot culture.

There was a time back in 2012 when button down shirts, vests, blazers and pencil skirts were full on club attire. We wanted to be grown up so bad! Chanel, Christian Dior and Stella McCartney all gave this business cas' vibe a refresh and reintroduced this look for the streets.

Tip: We're grown ups and fashionista's so we only play elevated dress up now. So remember less is more and balance is essential. If you don't want to look out of place or like you're in a costume, pair your business attire with ultra relaxed attire. Think jeans and an Oxford top with a cute vest or a edgy bodysuit with a pencil skirt.

This fall is on par to be serving up some basic bitch realness in the best way possible. We're giving apple cider at a pumpkin patch in Ralph Lauren riding boots realness. I have to know Dolls what do you think about this re-faced blast from the past? As a millennial I am soooooooo excited. I'm halfway to Wet Seal as we speak lol. Do you love it or would you like to skip this trend?

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