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A Millennial Moment: 2000's Bling

After 5 years of anti-skinny jeans and side part hate, IT'S TIME FOR A MILLENNIAL MOMENT! As a millennial this is music to my ears. Don't get too excited because skinny jeans as we know it are still on the way out and the side part is still on life support. This revival is more of a Y2K vibe. So, if you still have your velour track suits and studded ultra low-rise jeans time to break those bad boys out! Because they're coming back in a major way. Let's break down what's back and how it's being revived.

Denim Jeans

Say goodbye to leggings and jeggings and hello to tried and true denim. For the last ten years we've been really into mid to high waist skinny, boyfriend or mom cut jeans. But most recently we've been seeing the low-rise boot and flare cut jean on the runway and red carpet. And we're OBSESSED! It's giving Paris Hilton, Megan Good and Ciara. While the skin tight fit a la X-Tina is no longer required some things remain the same. Those are:

  • The lower the cut the better

  • Bring on the bling and decor

  • Boot or flare cut

Velour Sets

This is the moment we've all been waiting for, VELOUR sets are coming back. Juicy had a brief revival in 2020 but the pandemic and supply chain issues caused it to be short lived. But now we're back outside and it's time to get cute and cozy. So, ditch the over-sized flannel shirts and hang your hoodies for a moment. It's time to fall back in love with this super comfy fabric!

Jewelry and Accessories

If I could describe Y2K accessory fashion in one piece it would be a princess chain belt. I hope you Dolls have an adjective handy because chain belts have returned along with hoops for every occasion, statement necklaces and decadent decorative earrings. The blingy-ier, the better!

We're riding high on the nostalgia vibes but what we really want to know is, are you here for this? Are bling phone cases coming back? Will we be purchasing ringtones again? Fashion is getting fun again and we're here for it. Leave your opinions below.

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Ill always love a side part and low rise 💕 🤪🥰

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