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All-Star Weekend 2020 Fashion Spotlight

Hey Dolls!

NBA All-Star Weekend just wrapped and while we love a good slam dunk or half court shot (shoutout Trae Young), we're more interested in style slam dunks. All-Star Weekend brings out basketball's über fans. Let's see who's worthy of this weekend's style MVP.


Cardi B looks like a million buck in a Burberry fur corset and orange Birkin bag. OKURRRTT Cardiana!


All Hail the Queen! Queen Latifah kills in a Nike jacket, black jeans and ankle boots. This look is simple and perfect.


Tiffany Haddish is serving us some Missy Elliot-in-the-90's vibes. She's too cool in a vegan leather jumpsuit and all-white tennis shoes. Ugh the nostalgia! 😍


Forever glamorous, Kim K, makes us swoon in shades of salmon and brown. She is showing us how to fashionably survive the cold of Chicago and bring fashion courtside.


Karlie Kloss is a glamazon next to Chance the Rapper. Keeping in casual in capri-cut joggers and a cropped turtleneck, she's courtside perfection.


Jennifer Hudson's voice was as smooth as her velvet dress at this year's All-Star Game. All we can say is "WOW!"

Finding the perfect outfit for a sporting event can be a daunting task. Especially for the All-Star game, where your boyfriend's hoodie just won't do the job. The Dolls did it RIGHT and we're taking notes. What do you Dolls think of these All-Star looks? What's your courtside go-to? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @welcometothedollhouse!

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