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Cleavage: 3 Ways

Hey Dolls,

So we're still working hard on freeing the nip and it’s been a long hard road. In the mean time we can have some fun with “our girls” by trying different types of cleavage. Whether you call them boobs, bubbies, breasts, tits or some other name, we're going to discuss all the ways to accentuate them.

Classic Cleavage

Nothing exudes femininity and sex appeal like the classic cleavage. It's straight-forward and bold. Rocking classic cleavage is as safe as taking a flight. There's a little risk, but it's done so frequently we don't even think about it. Some tips to consider are:

  • SUPPORT!- Classic cleavage doesn't work without significant support. Make sure the girls are secure.

  • Less is more and more is more- Classic cleavage is similar to cinnamon. A dash is delicious but a tablespoon could ruin the entire dish.

Side Boob

Another option is side boob. Side boob is as sassy as side eye. There's only one thing you really want to keep in mind. Just a peek! Side boob is better when it's settle.

Under Boob

Under boob is a new favorite. The coolest thing about under boob is that it doesn't discriminate. Almost all boobs like great with minimal effort. Show a little or show a lot, it all works with under boob.

Cool Cut Outs

Another way to accentuate your breasts is with cool cleavage cut outs. There is an art to cut outs. Too many cut outs can be trashy and too little can be boring. The trick is to pick one of the three areas (classic, side, under) and use cut outs to bring attention to that area.

Cleavage land is full of nip slips and boobie blunders but the risk is worth the reward. Embrace it! We want to know Dolls, are you a cleavage girl? What's your favorite kind? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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