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Clutch or Cliché: A Valentine's Day Shopping Guide

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. While the thought of Valentine's Day makes us think of red hearts, roses and all the pink things. With date nights and girls night on the books, we need to be sure to be bringing the lewks!

Casual Girls Day/Night

This is the time for the kitschy and cliché things. Rock your heart adorned sweater or some bright red hosiery with gushy hearts galore. Time with the girls is all about embracing your inner youth and all the feminine indulgences. So, have a time and keep it cute. Feel free to rock that Valentine's Day onesie if it's a girls night in!

Formal Dinner with the Girls

A formal dinner with the girls is the time to serve some serious Galentine's Day vibes. Think Pink Dolls! This is the time to wear all the fluff, fur, and sassy things. This is the time for fun. Try out those skater and maxi dresses or funky colored denim and velvety crop tops. It's all about the fun with a dash of sex!


Who would have thought Holidates would be a real thing? I know I didn't. But since they're here we have to address them. If you're going on a cheeky little holidate keep it cas'! You want to dress it up and make it nice but don't be to inconvenienced because it's not a real real date. So rock that wedge or a little black dress.

Blind Date

If you're the daring type, you may be planning a night with a Tinder or Bumble date. While we're all for taking a risk there's some risk you don't want to take. This is not the date for sky high stilettos. You MAY have to run. But this can also be the start of a great love story so you don't want to rock your tennis shoes. This is a block heel moment or low heeled strappy sandal. You do want to bring the heat, this is the time to wear that red satin dress or hot pink leather dress!

Date With Bae

A date with Bae is always a time. This is the time to serve CONFIDENCE on a platter. Because what is sexier than confidence. This the time to give a va va voom moment. Serve them hair, heels and jewels. Depending on the environment a sultry little mini dress or a stunning midi-dress is perfect.

Valentine's Day is so close and I don't want you Dolls to be caught off guard in planning or styling. I want to know, are you all set or still working out the details? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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