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Covid-19 and Athleisure

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Hey Dolls,

So, we entered this year with athleisure on its way out and romance, foliage and feminine style dominating every runway. There was not a jogger or legging in sight, NOT EVEN on Virgil's runway. As we all know, it takes a miracle to move an item from obsolescence to relevance. Widespread "Stay at Home" and "Shelter in Place" requirements forced us to put up our pumps and slip into our slides. We can't lie, we're all about glam here at The Dollhouse, but luckily for us the industry has responded with some "glammed up" options.

Joggers with Structure

Joggers were by far the shining star of athleisure. Everywhere we looked we saw them but, we saw them in cotton and cotton-like materials. Now we are seeing them in more structured materials like denim and khaki. WE LOVE A CARGO JOGGER. The comfort and fit of a jogger, paired with the structure of khaki material, is heaven in pant form.

Quilted Short Sets

The short set gives the perfect "trying but not trying look." They're super comfy for lounging around the house or running errands. They also work well for day parties and informal lunches. The short set has not changed too much lately. But it has regained its popularity and it'll probably stay that way for a while.

Modified Track Suits and Sweat Suits

Track suits and Sweat suits are the pioneers of athletic wear and the foundation of athleisure. All the athleisure we wear is a variation of these two items. Designers have responded to the shift back to athleisure with cropped sets, unconventional zippers, color blocking and varieties of new fabrics. This ain't your 80's track suit.

Quilted, Ribbed and Terry Cloth Skirt Sets

Unfortunately, we can't wear a short set or a sweatsuit all the time. Luckily for us, designers extended athletic touches to skirt sets. These sets maintain the traditional vibes of a skirt set but serve up a little extra comfort. They're the most transitional option because you can wear them essentially anywhere, with little to no adjustment from setting to setting. Skirt sets will get you from work to happy hour to date night to a night cap with your girlfriends with ease.

The fashion greats say once it's gone it's hard to bring it back without following the entire fashion cycle again. Guess what Dolls, it's happened. We're just happy it was for athleisure instead of chokers or platform boots with fish in them. One item we'd like to see propel back to relevance is the jersey dress! What items would you guys like to see make a comeback? Join the conversation below, on Instagram @porscheporshia or YOUTUBE at .

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