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Crazy Times

Hey Dolls,

Reality TV is pretty crazy now, but I don't think it can compare to the things we've seen in realities past. So, to have a little fun in these crazy times, let's look at some crazy reality television personalities. From dating shows to televised roads to recovery, we've seen it all. Tonight we'll focus on dating shows.


We all know Flava Flav is the George Washington of reality dating shows. He and his gaggle of gals laid the blueprint for reality dating show etiquette. Flavor of Love had it all from delusional beliefs of grandeur, under-cooked poultry and improper defecation. All topped with spit flying (yes, you New York!) and sporadic moments of romantic connection.

I Love New York

Flava Flav introduced us to our favorite reality dating show contestant of all time and the "Queen of Reality TV," Tiffany New York Pollard. New York captured our hearts with her big attitude, mouth and boobs. Her popularity on Flavor of Love led her to host her own show "I Love New York." Although hosted by a woman, "I Love New York" didn't deviate very far from "Flavor of Love's" magical concoction. Just think hot guys (kinda), wildly varying levels of testosterone in competition for one woman's' heart.

Real Chance of Love

"I Love New York" gave birth to "Real Chance of Love." A crazy show with two brothers dating the same women. YES! It was as bad as it sounds. The only good thing that came from this is Jessica Rich!

For the Love of Ray J

If you had a drinking problem or a face tatt, there's a possibility you were a contestant on "For the Love of Ray J." If you haven't watched this show, think "Entourage" meets "The Bachelor," all set in a seedy Vegas tattoo parlor. Literally all we can remember is "Danger, smashed the homie."

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

What's better than seventeen women seeking the love of two brothers? Sixteen men and Sixteen women seeking the love of a female firecracker. That is exactly what happens on "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila." This show had everything from contestant hook-ups to male-female fist fights.

Rock of Love

If Ray J and Flav weren't enough celebrity dating show for us, let's not forget about Bret Michael's "Rock of Love," a show were groupie love had a shot of becoming real love. This show had everything from "The Blondetourage" to MILF's determined to be "Stacey's Mom."

Reality dating rarely ended in love and marriage, but they never failed to entertain us thoroughly. We know we missed a couple of shows like "Daisy of Love," "Next" and "Date My Mom," but the bases are pretty much covered. What are some of you Dolls' favorite reality moments? Who are some contestants you love? For us here at The Dollhouse, we can't get enough of "Hottie" from "Flavor of Love." Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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