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Crazy Times 2.0

Hey Dolls,

We've been chatting a bit about reality shows lately. Yesterday, we talked about dating shows which was hilarious and a bit wild. But we would be remiss if we didn't talk about the angsty teenage/young adult melodrama. Reality shows about teenage woes monopolized MTV. They covered everything from relationships to party plans. Let's take a look at some memorable shows.

Laguna Beach

The day-to-day dating drama and shopping woes of these Orange County teens were LIFE! Lo, Heidi, Lauren and Kristin dominated MTV. We wanted to know what they were wearing, driving, eating and who they were dating. Ah! Life before Spencer.

The Hills

Okay, so "The Hills" was a graduation of "Laguna Beach," with a sprinkle of toxic boyfriends and celebrity cameos. "The Hills" had everything a young woman could dream of: beautiful brunches, shopping sprees, high-end internships and convertible automobiles. I mean, what else is there?

Baldwin Hills

"Baldwin Hills" brought interest to the Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles. These young socialites thrilled us with their lavish parties and crazy purchases. This group didn't get too wild, but they kept us thoroughly entertained.

Teen Mom

We really can't see the appeal of wild pregnant teens in their last trimester (no shade to the dolls who love it!). Nonetheless "Teen Mom" gave us so many feels. There were parental fights, break-ups, child birth all set in high schools in Nowhereville, USA. These teen moms sent us on an emotional roller coaster week after week. How this show got green lit, we have no idea. How this show lasted for years, we have no idea.

The Real World

"The Real World" took a diverse group of young adults, locked them in a house and let them discuss hot button topics. Eventually that changed and it became a place for the young, wild and free to act out. It lasted for a whirlwind 64 seasons on MTV. We miss "The Real World."

My Super Sweet 16

"My Super Sweet 16" was where worlds of wealth came together. We watched the 16th birthday parties of the elite. This show had everyone from Teyana Taylor to Jennifer Lawrence. What's better than watching a 16-year-old have a total meltdown because they're not getting the latest Maybach for their birthday or their dad can't get Beyonce to perform.

I am not sure why we were so obsessed with the lives of teens and young adults, but the times were pretty crazy. Reality television shows seem to capture every aspect of human life. There were shows like "The Simple Life" and "Newlyweds." Honestly, we LOVE reality TV here at the Dollhouse. Especially "The Housewives" franchises. What are your favorite reality shows? What shows do you miss? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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