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Do You Like My Canadian Tuxedo, eh?

Hey Dolls,

The fashion faux paus formally known as the "Canadian Tuxedo" is now the latest fashion craze. Denim on denim is set to be the trend of the fall. Fashionistas everywhere are pairing denim crop tops and button downs with jeans, jogger, shorts and skirts. Today were going to talk all things denim on denim.

Classic Denim on Denim

When rocking classic denim on denim it can be pretty easy to slip into a Brittney Spears circa 2001 look which is ALL BAD! These are two major things to consider when seeking this look: space and femininity.


  • Break up the look. Try cropped shirts and open button downs.

  • Holes, rips and tears are always good.

  • Cropped pants and ultra-low waistlines help to lighten the look.


  • Focus on silhouette, slouchy and sleek are the most popular.

  • Show a little skin.

  • Add ruffles and soft pops of color.

Mixed Tones and Textures

Mixed textures and tones are a little easier to execute. Mix and matching denim adds and deflects light. Darker colored denim creates a slimming effect, while lighter shades of denim illuminate and fill out the areas covered.

Double denim has transitioned from street wear to daily wear and now allows us to serve all the looks. We can wear double denim from the range to the ballroom. It takes a little thought to master this look; but when done correctly, the slay is unmatched! We want to know Dolls how do you feel about double denim? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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