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Don't Call It a Trend: Barbie Core

I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic! The lyric above all lyrics. Barbie Core aesthetic is back front and center. We won't dare call this a trend because true Barbie core girls have never left us and will never leave. Barbie core aesthetic is an institution. It's pink, it's feminine, it's sassy and it's capable of ANYTHING! Let's break down how to take this ultra-feminine look from work to play!

Beach Barbie

Serving up some Barbie vibes under the sun is a must and it's pretty simple. The key elements are pink, glam and ultra-feminine with a touch of sass! Beach Barbie's it's time to rise up. Before you grab your pink bikini's and monokini's and head for your beach house you want to make sure your look doesn't scream kiddie pool. Here's some tips to make sure your Barbie beach day look isn't washed up:

  • Make sure the silhouette is sexy and form fitting (no diaper butt).

  • The more complex, the better! (This will elevate the look to adult levels).

  • Don't skimp on quality!

Date Night Barbie

Want to embrace your Barbie core vibes on a romantic night with Ken? If so, then brace yourself because the love is in the details. Barbie is known for her attention to detail there's never a fringe, jewel, earring or bracelet missing. Let's start with the base, you'll need a dress or super cute skirt. Barbie is a dress/skirt girl. Make sure it's a notch above what the dress code requires. The task is appropriately overdressed. The key colors are pink, purple, white and metallics.

Party Barbie

Everybody knows Barbie parties as hard as she works. Party Barbie aesthetic is probably the easiest to achieve. These looks combine a little cosplay with high fashion! I mean what more can we ask for? The first step is to pick a character or a vibe and then OVER COMMIT! Absolutely don't forget the details, Barbie never misses. Manicure, pedicure, make up, accessories and the best shoes and bag are a must!

Lounge Barbie

What's better than a lounging moment? A lounging moment in some Barbie girl vibes! The uniform never changes, so think joggers, leggings, comfy shorts and cute little tank tops! You want to aim for casual but decadent. Lush fabrics like terry cloth and velour or crisp linens and delicate ruffles.

Boss Barbie

What is it that they say? "All work and no play....". Even the Barbi-est of Barbie's has to make some money honey! When Barbie arrives in the office she has to be as brilliant as her work ethic. The key to balancing a Barbie moment at work is crisp lines and sharp silhouettes in the prettiest of pinks and the most darling whites. Keep the garments simple. The power of this look is in the colors. Make them rich Dolls!

Barbie core is as versatile as Barbie herself. I can't wait to see the Barbie mania. It's going to be giving Nicki Minaj 201o. All of these looks are available at We can't wait to see your Barbie core inspired looks! Tag us on Instagram @sweetnothingsboutiquecle.

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