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Down There Hair Care

Hey Dolls,

We've figured out shampoo and conditioner, kinda. But what about all the other hair. There are so many options. We can wax, pluck, tweeze, thread, sugar or shave. With so many options, we wonder, what is the best option? Today we will spill the tea on all the things about down there hair care.


Wax: Yes! While this may be a little harsh on the skin waxing is a solid option.

Pluck/Tweeze: Maybe. Plucking can be done to supplement another hair removal procedure but PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

Thread: Yes! Threading is an effective and safe way to remove excess eyebrow fuzz.

Sugaring: Sure.

Shave: Absolutely not! Razors are hard to control and remove hair fast and furiously, which is something we want to avoid on our brows.

It's best to wax or thread your eyebrows. Tweezing is a "desperate calls equals desperate measures" in between appointment approach and should be only used when absolutely necessary. NEVER SHAVE YOUR EYEBROWS! Sugaring eyebrows is pretty uncommon.

Upper Lip

Wax: Yes! Rip it off like a band-aid, literally.

Pluck/Tweeze: Maybe, It's an option but probably not the best.

Thread: Sure. This is a more skin sensitive way to remove upper lip hair quickly.

Sugaring: Yes! Ditto waxing.

Shave: Maybe. Def an option but not great for long term.

Waxing and threading win again. They're the most permanent options. Shaving is an option but theories state this is like doing a "big chop" for your 'stache! We're not seeking thick, strong healthy hair on our upper lips. Plucking and tweezing is best for maintenance. Depending on the amount of hair it can be pretty painful to tweeze.

Arms and Legs

Wax: Yes! This is a quick and efficient way to remove the hair.

Pluck/Tweeze: Not really. Unless it's a few fine hairs, I strongly suggest not plucking or tweezing.

Thread: No! While this is not impossible, it can be time consuming and tedious.

Sugar: Yes! Sugaring will yield the same results as waxing.

Shave: Sure. Shaving is a solid cost effective way to remove unwanted hair.

It is perfectly fine to wax your arms and legs. But if you're looking to save a bit shaving is a good way to go. Your arms and legs can handle it better than any other body part.

Chest and Back

Wax: Yes. You can really go wrong with waxing.

Pluck/Tweeze: No chance. Plucking and tweezing is never a good idea for large areas.

Thread: Just NO!

Sugar: Yes! This is probably the best option. Sugaring is less painful.

Shave: Maybe. If you have a Shaq to your Kobe ,then go for it.

None of us want to have our back inspire thoughts of Wolverine. There's a few way to get rid of the hair but most options require an assist.

Naughty Bits

Wax: Yes. An age old solution to our problem. Waxing is classic.

Pluck/Tweeze: NO! This should only be an option for clean up.

Thread: Not so much! I'd strongly advise against it.

Sugar: Yes! This is becoming a more popular method. The sugar is much kinder to the skin.

Shave: Sure. Shaving is an option but can be really harsh on this sensitive area.

They say beauty is pain. How far are you willing to go? While levels of pain range for each of these processes, they're all necessary. We want to know Dolls, what's your hair care routine? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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