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Fun Inside

Hey Dolls,

It seems like we will be social distancing for a little while longer and let's be honest, there is only so much scrolling and streaming we're capable of doing. So, let's try to have a little fun with a week's worth of at-home quarantine activities.

Motivational Monday

We'll start the week with some motivation. Instead of focusing inwardly, let's motivate each other. Whether it's a text, social media shout-out, hand-written note or small token of appreciation, let's motivate each other.

TikTok Tuesday

I'm sure we've all fell into a TikTok black hole during this "stay at home" order. Now, let's join the TikTok community. You can participate in some existing challenges:

There are literally endless lists of challenges. Pick a few and try them out or create your own.

Woman Crush Wednesday

Let's keep it classic this Wednesday with a WCW. Whether it's a girl boss, phenomenal mom, dope chick or a woman that's just killing it, let's just take some time to appreciate all women. Because let's be honest women are the world.

Thirsty Thursday

Let's prepare to enter the weekend with some cocktails (if you're 21 or older). Otherwise, mix up the best mocktail your mind or Pintrest can muster. Get dressed up or keep it cas'. Either way, turn your kitchen, dining or bedroom into an oasis and sip away the day RESPONSIBLY!


TGIF!! Since we can't get out to our favorite dance/night clubs, we will bring them to us. All of our favorite DJ's are hosting live quarantine clubs. We suggest putting on your sassiest outfit and fave shoes and dance the night away. Invite your friends (virtually) and go live. Make a night of it.

Here at the Dollhouse we believe the term "social butterfly" was created especially for us. So we know it can be hard to be isolated and not live life as usual. But in this unprecedented time, there are ways to stay connected in a safe way and to maintain a dynamic schedule. We're excited for this week and excited to see what you Dolls plan to do. Share your experiences and ideas with us below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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