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Generation Z or Millennial: Is Your Wardrobe In or OUT!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Hey Dolls,

During my recent endless social media scrolling I came across a TikTok comparing generation Z to Millenials and that got me wondering, "What are the differences in each generation as it relates to style and beauty?". Let's chat a bit about how to make sure your style choices aren't aging you.


It's all about the part Doll! There's so many options when it comes to parts. Should we be shooting for straight, side, zigzag or no part at all?

The middle part is the calling card of Generation Z. These Dolls wouldn't be caught dead with their hair parted any other way. If you want your hair style to be young and fresh try a middle part.

The side part belongs to the Millennials. Many Gen Z'ers say the side part is the new side pony. One exception is the super heavy side part. So, if you don't want to give up your side part try making it a little deeper to one side for a refresher.

Hair Color

Something both generations agree on is that color is fun and no color is off the table. So keep it natural, add some pops of color or go all the way out there. It's next to impossible to get it wrong.


If you've been in a Forever 21 you may have noticed every top is cropped. Even in the winter. Generation Z is all about baring the belly. Whether it's a hoodie or tank, half the shirt will do. Millennials are pretty partial to crop tops also but prefer more options on cuts. If you're top choices are showing your waist or lack thereof, you're probs a Gen Z'er. The go-to top for Millennials is a bodysuit. Millennials prefer to serve up some silhouette.


The good news is harem pants are NOONE'S favorite. Bye Mc Hammer! But Millennial and Gen Z have very different taste in pants. Generation Z likes to wear everyone else's pants; boyfriend jeans, mom jeans and dad jeans. Millennials prefer skinny jeans in every color and wash. Both groups love a good jogger or a comfy pair of sweats.

Whether you're wardrobe is more aligned with a Millennial, Generation Z or an even mix of both, it's important to OWN IT! There's no style bible that says one look belongs to one group, so feel free and mix it up. I want to know Dolls, do you think skinny jeans are dead and side parts are CRINGE? Should all tops be cropped? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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Cute !!! Thanks for the ideas 💡♥️🥰


Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts
Feb 16, 2021


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