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Hot Roots

Hey Dolls,

This week, we've been talking all things "risky" when it comes to hair and how to edge it up a bit. Imagine this, you make an appointment with your favorite hair colorist, sit down in the chair and ask for "hot roots!" Who would have ever thought we would actually want "hot roots?" If you Dolls aren't aware, "hot roots" occurs when color is applied to the root of the hair first. Because it's so close to the scalp, it's warmer and the hair lifts faster. This is what leaves us with roots "cooler" or lighter than the rest of our hair. Once upon a time, "hot roots" were a coloring nightmare. But some of our fashion faves are rocking the look and we are kind of INTRIGUED! Billie Eilish is the queen of "hot rootS" and rocks it in an unconventional way.


This isn't your big sister's reverse ombre! "Hot roots" seemed to be making their way onto every runway, walkway and television screen. Covid-19 slowed this trend's popularity just a bit, but we don't think the flame is anywhere near out! We want to know, are you Dolls into "hot roots?" Or are they the catastrophe they've always been? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts
Jul 18, 2020

Hot roots? I'm in 🙌

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