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Legends Week

Hey Dolls,

It's legends week. Which happens to be our FAVORITE WEEK! We'll spend this week paying homage to some of the fiercest and most influential Divas of all time. Obviously, we can't mention "diva" without acknowledging the QUEEN, Ms. Diana Ross. From her big hair and sequined gowns to her flawless make-up and mind blowing voice, she is IT! Let's take a look at some of our favorite Diana Ross diva moments.

Miss Ross had it all back when having it all meant losing it all. She was a mom, entertainer, actress, activist, wife, icon and so much more. If there was a title to be had, she had it and carried it with class, grace and fierceness. So, the real question is, "How do we channel Miss Ross in our daily lives?":


  • lashes as lush as the island of Santorini

  • hair as big as Zaza's personality (if you're not familiar, check our her IG @redcarpetgirlz)

  • every look must be a LEWK!!


  • channel an unflappable confidence

  • give and show love ferociously

  • fight for what you want

  • create your own lane

  • break glass ceilings for the next Doll

Diana Ross is much more than an amazing voice, hair with its own personal fan and a swoon-worthy wardrobe. Being a diva is about being a leader and creating paths for Dolls to come. Ms. Ross was everything on and off the stage. This week at The Dollhouse we will be celebrating everything legend through our dress, social posts and goal setting. We want you to join us. Give us your ideas and plans below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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