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Let's Get Shady, Ladies!

Hey Dolls,

There are tons of accessories and we love them ALL. But today we get to talk about the most exciting of them all: SUNGLASSES! Not only are sunglasses functional because they block the suns' rays and cover our eyes when we're giving some serious side eye, they are also very fashionable and can substitute a make-up application. Shout out sunglasses! Let's take a look at some sunglass classics and a few trends.


First up, a classic: Aviators. Aviators are the little black dress of sunglasses. So sleek and classy, they literally look good on everyone and with everything. You can't go wrong with Aviators.


Eartha Kitt would be proud to see the return of cat-eye sunglasses. These are always fun because they add all the diva vibes to your look. There is also a really popular variation of the cat-eye trending right now. It's giving us intergalactic cat-eye vibes.


They say, "Life's better in rose colored glasses" but it seems that any shade will do. Shades in all the colors of the rainbow are popping up everywhere and in all styles.


Over-sized glasses are also making a comeback. These glasses exude luxury. Grab this style while you can Dolls!


Some trendy styles that you Dolls may want to try out, but not go to crazy on, are the teenie, tiny, micro-glasses. They're cute and nostalgic AF but they probably won't be around for a while. Beyonce loves to rock these circular glasses. They look amazing on her, but she's Beyonce. Kim and Rihanna both like rocking glasses as large as they come. Word around the fashion haus is Riri will be releasing a Fenty sunglass line next. If you're looking to try something new and add a style off the beaten path, all of these would make options.

There are so many choices when it comes to sunglasses and they can be a relatively inexpensive way to have some fun with accessories. Here at The Dollhouse we literally take our sunglasses in all shapes, shades and sizes. What is your favorite shade, shape and size? What would you like to try out this season? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @welcometothedollhouse2.

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