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Love Is In the Air ❤️

Hey Dolls,

Love is in the air, shoe love that is. Shoes can literally make or break a look. We rarely size out of shoes, so there's little to no risk in splurging, unless we're buying platforms with fish in the soles (that was fleeting 🤦‍♀️). So, we want to talk about a little about shoes and what's trending.


We literally can not escape PVC and we're not sure we want to. It's everywhere from shoes and bags to skirts and tops. There are a few things to consider when PVC'ing it. Try to avoid any style that encloses your entire foot unless there are air holes. Otherwise, you'll suffer from foggy foot. Select styles that are as feminine and luxe as possible. Because PVC can come off a little "less than luxury" like latex, you want to be sure to add value. Finally, have a little fun. We can't tell if PVC is here to stay, let's enjoy it now.

Sequins and Sparkles

Sparkly things have always been a girl's best friend. We think the next best thing to diamonds are sparkling shoes. Luckily for us, gone are the days that we have to reserve our sequined stilettos for a special occasion. So don't hesitate to buy shoes adorned with crystals, studs, sequins, glitter, metallics and anything else shiny. Feel free to pair them with literally ANYTHING!

Electric Colors and Neons

Neon colors have made a come back and are not planning on making an exit any time soon. Season after season, we're seeing more and more neon. So, if you see some neon shoes, buy them and slay. The cool thing about neon and electric colors are that they work for all shoe styles. You can wear sneakers, slides, stilettos, sandals or boots and be fine. They're also a statement piece, so not much more is required.

They say shoe love is true love and we can agree with that. We want to know what are some of your favorite shoe styles and colors? What is your go-to shoe? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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