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Lush Lashes: A Guide to the Perfect Falsies

Hey Dolls,

We feel like we've being trying to achieve Twiggy levels of eyebrow wizardry since the 60's and we can honestly say we've come pretty darn close thanks to development of false lashes and false lash applications. As with any new process, there are so many new terms, products and applications. We're going to dive into all things faux lash today.

So, let's start at the beginning with RULE #1: Hair bonding glue is NOT lash glue! We repeat, do not use hair bonding glue on your lashes Dolls! The two most popular lash adhesion agents are:

  1. Lash glue

  2. Magnetic lashes

Lash glue comes in a couple colors (chose whatever matches best) and can be used with strips or individual lashes.

Magnetic lash application is more popular with eyelash strips. Although, magnetic fans (we'll get to fans later) are becoming more popular.


Now that Rule #1 is out of the way and we've discussed adhesive types, we will need to chose an application type. The two most popular types are semi-permanent lash extensions and lash strips.

1. Lash extensions:

  • longer lasting

  • more variety of styles

  • easier to customize

  • guaranteed fit

  • can be extremely damaging to natural lashes if not cared for properly

  • more expensive

  • committed to single style for longer

2. Lash Strips

  • can be changed easily and frequently

  • large variety of pre-selected styles

  • cost effective

  • short-term commitment

  • can be extremely damaging to natural lashes if not cared for properly

  • can be hard to find perfect fit

Magnetic lashes have all of the benefits and risks of strips with an added benefit of potentially being less harmful to the natural lash.

Lash strips are pictured below on the left. They are one solid piece that adheres to the lash line. Below on the right are individual lashes. They can come as individual lashes or fans. Fans are multiple individual lashes affixed to a faux follicle. The fan is also placed on the lash line.


There are a broad spectrum of eyelash styles. They can range from short to extra long and from natural to stage. Here's some lash inspo'. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Lash style combinations are endless.

Lash extensions are the perfect way to elevate any look or eliminate the need to wear make-up everyday. Here at The Dollhouse we swear by semi-permanent lash extensions but also love a good strip for variety. What do you Dolls like? Have you had any lash extensions? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @welcometothedollhouse2.

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