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Mariah Carey

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Legends week continues Dolls! We would be remiss to speak of Legends and not mention the diva of all divas: MARIAH CAREY!

We could spend a week listing the reasons Mimi is a legend but since we only have this post lets' list a few:

  • She's the queen of Christmas (She's more essential than Santa Claus)

  • No one can sing the notes she can sing ( 5 octaves and the whistle register)

  • She does everything in heels (We mean EVERYTHING)

  • Her music is timeless (15 albums from 1990-2018)

  • Her hair is perpetually blowing in the wind

  • Over 51 awards won

  • A 520 million dollar net worth

From the big stage to the big screen Mariah kills it. She has been and remained on the top decade after decade, all while being a mom and an advocate. Mariah is proof that you can do ALL THE THINGS and serve ALL THE VIBES. Her ability to adapt and evolve keeps her on our minds and her name on our lips. We never know if we're getting Mimi, M or Mariah. All we know is whatever she's serving, we're eating! We challenge you to be like MIMI and try out a new trend. Try that new hairstyle, lipstick, accessory or hobby! Here at the Dollhouse we will be accepting that challenge. What are you Dolls thinking of trying? Share with us below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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