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Monochromatic Mania

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Hey Dolls,

There's a wave of Monochromania that is taking over our screens and every rack in all of our favorite stores. This single-minded fashion trend is here and here to stay. So, let's discuss tips and tricks for mastering this trend and the most popular colors.

The Guidelines

The list of rules for embracing this monochromatic trend is as simple as the color palette. Some things you should keep in mind are:

  • Choose tones that are flattering to your shape and complexion (lighter means wider 😉).

  • Tones that are a shade or two lighter or that are the same shade are best (shades too far apart can turn into color-blocking).

  • Do not forget accessories!


Green is the newest addition to the monochromatic look rotation. Everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Kylie Jenner is joining in. We're definitely "cashing in" on this money-green dream of a color palette and we suggest you Dolls to the same.


This is all the good things about being "cliche". Pretty in pink never looked so good. There are no rules or limitations when styling a monochromatic look with the color pink.


If you're anything like me, you grew up avoiding purple like the plague (thanks Barney 🙄). But now I, along with every other fashionista, am drawn to it like City Girls to a Birkin bag. Or any girl to a Birkin bag. Purple is still not the easiest monochromatic color palette to master. My advice, keep it light. Try lilac and other lighter purples.


Pass the mustard! This warm shade of yellow is a fave among our monochromatic mavens. We don't know if the Queen started it or followed it, but we know this is the perf fall monochromatic palette.


These are the only baby blues that can compete with Billie Eilish's! This disco-inspired color palette is a ton of fun. Be careful. You can go from Donna Summers to Teletubbies real quick.


We've been wearing black on black all of our lives, NO EXPLANATION NECESSARY!


Ahhh white! P Diddy created an entire pop culture movement and the hottest re-occurring party inspired by this monochromatic color palette. While we may have had to say good-bye to Diddy's White Party, we can welcome back this little gem in fashionista homage.


This neutral palette is by far my favorite! You really can't go wrong. It's complimentary to all shades, shapes and styles. Additionally, brown is a color that can be highly contrasted or can be a single shade without deviating from trend.

Monochromatic is the easiest of the color palettes. You can keep it simple and match the shades exactly or take a risk and blend three shades of silver. We want to know Dolls, how do you feel about this trend? Will you be trying it out in the upcoming seasons? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts
31 באוק׳ 2020

Awesome!!...Sky agrees 😁

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