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Move Over Athleisure. Luxe Loungewear is the New It Girl!

Are you prepared to get rid of your leggings for good? Can you say bon voyage to the perfect pair of black leggings? If you're answer is no, you may want to get ready. The girls have ditched the leggings for free-flowing lounge pants and cozy oversized tops a la Rihanna 2012. This new trend has popped up here and there over the last few years but now it's the MOMENT! If you want to execute this effortlessly luxurious look here's a few tips:

It's Giving... GLAM

There's two easy ways to create a glam vibe; pigments and textures. Rich deep colors or intensely bright colors lift the value of the look. This serves less bedroom pjs and more resort chill vibes. Avoid neons! When it comes to texture this is not time to skimp on fabric quality. A nice soft linen, soft silk or lightweight cashmere goes a long way in elevating this look. Glamming up loungewear is all about color, textures and fabric. So, avoid cotton unless it's ribbed and polyester that doesn't look like another fabric.

It's Giving... Comfort Queen

If you're a tried-and-true comfort queen some bright colors and lush fabrics aren't going to bring you to the lounge side. You want your neutrals and extra comfy fabrics. You can maintain your minimal vibes and lose the sweatpants and joggers stigma by choosing over-sized velour sets or some unconventional lightweight fabrics like ramie, linen or silk. These options will afford you the same comfort of your precious leggings or sweats but your look will be elevated and transition just as easy.

Who knew we would see the day that black leggings weren't clutch anymore? As a long time "leggings are for yoga class" kinda girl. I am very happy to see leggings in the gym and not a restaurant. This isn't a call to toss your leggings, we haven't gotten there yet. But if you want that effortlessly glam look, toss the oversize sweaters and leggings and pick up that cute loungewear set you've been eyeing. Keep the comfort and ditch the lazy look! We want to know dolls, will leggings never die? Is loungewear just as bad? Or are you happy to see this elevated comfy style in the forefront.

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