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New Kid on the Block

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hey Dolls,

There's a new kid on the block or shall we say that quiet kid has returned from summer camp with a fresh new look. Block heels aren't something new or innovative, but the industry has re-imagined this shoe in a way we couldn't have predicted. Say goodbye to that tiny kitten heel and hello to block heels fashioned in every way possible.

The Classic Block Heel

The classic block heel has always been a favorite due to its comfortable nature. It has a smaller heel with no platform and normally has some pretty supportive straps. They leave a lot to be desired, but are extremely comfortable and offer some style.

Acrylic Block Heels

The acrylic block heel plays into the current PVC craze. We love an acrylic block heel. They're just sassy enough to remove the boredom of a traditional heel, but not too formal to wear daily. We're seeing these pop up everywhere and on everyone, lately. This is easily the most approachable of this returning trend.

Strappy Block Heels

Who would have ever thought we'd be saying "strappy" and "block heel" in the same sentence? This one of our favorite modifications to the block heel. This adds a ton of romance and sex appeal to the block heel and WE'RE HERE FOR IT! This pairs really well with denim and joggers.

Trendy Block Heels

Every day we are seeing a new variation of the block heel. Some of the coolest trends are jeweled and bedazzled, furry platforms, boots and booties. These are good for adding some youth to your looks. The options of trendy block heels are increasing daily. We suggest to give them a try.

There has been very few disruptors in the industry lately. We believe the resurgence can transition these darlings from an strong option to a fashion staple. Which would be MAJOR? We want to know Dolls, is this a passing trend? Do you believe the block heel will be just as essential as the little black dress? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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