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New York Fashion Week: What's Next?

Hey Dolls,

Last week was NYFW and while we were scrambling to complete our spring wardrobes, some of the top fashion designers were showing what Fall/Winter 2020 looks are set to trend (we'll do better next year). There were amazing looks on and off the runway. New York Fashion Week is the gift that keeps giving. Not only can we see what's happening now on the red carpet, we get to see what's next on the runway. Let's look at what's trending:

Going Green

Bella Hadid, Nicki Minaj, Kate Hudson and Issa Rae are all rocking one of this season's hottest colors: green. Green is set to trend this year for Spring/Summer in metallic and neon (Kate and Issa). This Fall/Winter it's predicted to be popular in a more muted tone (Nicki and Bella).

Wedding Day Every Day

In the past there were two places where all white was a must: Diddy's All White Party in The Hamptons and your wedding day. Karlie Kloss, Emily Ratajkowski and Cindy Bruna are dispelling that rumor. From runway to walkway, all white is becoming more and more popular.


For years and years we've wondered what color will be as popular as black? As universal as black? What color is the next black? Well, Miley Cyrus, Bella Hadid and Michael Kors are showing us black is the new black. This year black came back in a big way for NYFW. Over the last few years competition has been tough for this tone. Bright colors like pink, orange and green have dominated.


Sexy is coming back in a big way according to the latest runway shows. And we're not just talking slits and cut outs. Nearly every designer ditched a flat shoe in exchange for a pump, sandal or stiletto. There was not an over-sized garment in sight.

While NYFW does all the things and there is a ton to talk about. We feel like the biggest thing is the absence of STREET WEAR! New York Fashion Week is the street wear fashion week! The popularity of athleisure and street wear has allowed us to get super comfy. Swapping our jeans for joggers, stilettos for sneakers and handbags for backpacks. But it looks like we're going back. We're here for it at The Dollhouse. How do you feel Dolls? Which look do you prefer?

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