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Pucker Up

Hey Dolls,

Lip care is just as essential as Walmart during the pandemic. Whether we're talking, smiling or smooching the focus is on our lips. We want to avoid dry and unhealthy looking and feeling lips. Having a lip care routine is equally as important as having a skin care routine. So, lets dish all things lips from scrubbing and moisturizing to plumping and coloring.

Lip Scrub

Scrubbing your lips regularly is very important. Not every set needs the same frequency. Once a week is a good starting point. Some benefits of scrubbing your lips regularly are:

  • softer lips

  • healthier lip complexion

  • cleaner lips

Some things to consider when purchasing a lip scrub are:

  • size of exfoliating beads (smaller for more sensitive lips)

  • natural ingredients (be cautious of allergens and chemicals)

  • application process (find a process that is convenient for you)


Lip moisturizers come in many shapes and forms. They all have their benefits. They're oils, lotions, creams and serums. These are not to be confused with lip gloss or chap sticks. Both moisturize the lips but moisturizer is a more effective choice and should be used in conjunction with lip gloss. Lip moisturizer should be used daily. Some tips when making a moisturizer choice are:

  • Avoid alcohol or menthol

  • Avoid unnaturally scented fragrances

  • Try jelly based

  • Essential oils are the best natural moisturizers

Avoid using any moisturizers that are not for the lips on your lips.

Lipsticks, Plumpers and Glosses

Lipsticks, plumpers and glosses are the fun part of lip care. Nothing beats going from red to pink to purple to black. But we have to be mindful not to use products that cause more harm than good. The wrong products can dry your lips out and damage the skin on and around your lips. You should try all the colors while keeping in mind all of the tips for selecting a moisturizer. Also don't forget the SPF Dolls!

Our smiles are a focal point of our face which means our lips deserve a lot of attention. So scrub, cleanse, moisturize, gloss and repeat. We want to know Dolls, what is your lip care routine? What are some of your favorite products? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts
Oct 19, 2020

Another great know your lips💋!!!!

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