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Self Quarantine = Self Care

Hey Dolls,

Another day has passed, which means another day without some of our essential beauty routines. While little can compare to spilling the tea with our hairstylist, masseuse,lash/brow tech, manicurist or esthetician, there are some at-home methods that can tide us over. So, let's discuss a few of these before scouring Insta' for black market beauty services.

Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair Masks

Lets start at the top! This is the perfect time to spoil your hair. The key is to maintain or improve the health of your hair while waiting to get back with your stylist. So, repeat this with me Dolls: "No matter how restless we get and we may get pretty restless, we will NOT color our hair, cut our bangs or clip our ends." Some cool at-home self care ideas are:

  • Try out new styles - infinity buns, high pony, middle part. Do the things you've been hesitant to try.

  • Eliminate heat - try air drying or lay in the back yard and sun dry if it's warm enough.

  • Catch up on deep treatments - deep cleaning, deep condition, hydrating masks.

Facials, Face Masks, Cleansers, Serums and Moisturizers

Next up is face and skincare. Exfoliation is paramount. We love a good face exfoliater, lip scrub and body scrub. This will help to keep your skin bright and supple and prevent any significant build up of dead skin while we wait. Because we shouldn't exfoliate daily, it's important to have a solid daily cleanser. Consider the following in selecting a daily cleanser:

  • not too harsh

  • limited dyes, chemicals and alcohols

  • is appropriate for your skin type

Finally, you'll need a good moisturizer to replenish any moisture that may be lost in exfoliating or cleaning. A good moisturizer has the following:

  • sun protectant

  • is made for your skin type

  • limited dyes and perfumes

These will help to combat aging, acne and further skin damage. Let's not get too experimental with skincare. So no at-home microdermabrasion kits or chemical peels. WE GOT THIS!

Also, I want to touch on body moisturizers at this point. They should follow similar guidelines as face moisturizer.


Okay Dolls, this is somewhere we can channel all of our boredom and creativity! Because makeup is temporary, this is the perfect place to direct some of our energy. Take out your palettes and use those colors you haven't yet used. Try different application styles. Try that lipstick you thought was too bold. Literally do all the things. Emerge from this quarantine with an arsenal of new make up tricks.

Manis and Pedis

If you swear by a good set of acrylics like us, this may be the most tragic part of the "stay at home" order. But rest assured, we will make it. What we suggest is testing colors, art and stone work at this time. Try the things you've been hesitant about. If you do this, you'll have all the inspo' when you're back in the style seat.

We all know the feeling of a perfect facial, the best blow out or lash extensions fluffier than clouds. While little can compare to the real thing, there are things we can do to make us feel great and maintain what makes us feel beautiful. We want to know. What regime do you miss the most? What are you most excited to try during self-quarantine? Join the conversation below or in Instagram @porscheporshia. Thanks for stopping by The Dollhouse!

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