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So Much Hair So Many Options

Hey Dolls!

Seasons change, style changes and time changes. So, naturally our hair needs to change. But the options are nearly endless. Do we cut it, grow it, color it, braid it, ponytail it, or just buy an endless supply of wigs and do all of the things? Let's look at some inspiration.


They say, "a woman that cuts her hair is ready to change her life." There are several short hair styles that are trending for the year. Some of the most popular are the classic bob (worn by Ciara, Khloe Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez), the pixie cut (worn by Nina Dobriv) and a new fave, the tapered ultra low cut (worn by Cynthia Erivo). Short hair is perfect for a sassy, bold and fierce vibe.


"Long hair don't care"! Long hair can get a little flat and it's important to create dimension. These Dolls have figured out how to do just that. A super simple way to add some pizzazz to long hair is to add curls. Anything from loose waves to tight curls will work. Just avoid the dreaded gerry curl or the horrid 80's perm.


"Everything looks better in color". If you aren't interested in changing your haircut or style, one way to spice it up a bit can be to add some color. Hair coloring can be a simple as going from brunette to blonde or adding highlights. Coloring can also be as complex as unicorn colors. Coloring hair can be very damaging. So, if you're not committed long term, this may be a wig moment!


Braids, buns and ponytails are so versatile and can be so much fun. You can actually do all three at once or one at a time. You can also channel all the vibes with these three styles. Gwen is giving us sleek and classy with a tight bun. Alicia is getting earthy with cornrows tied into a bun. Heidi is sultry with a braid in her waves. While, Zendaya is queening with butt-length box braids. Lupita is a goddess in a high bun adorned with gold wiring. Rihanna is cute and swaggy with a red half-pony.

We have endless options when it comes to hair styling. Hair is an extension of our personal style. So have fun whether you have endless locs or a bald head. Tell us what is your go-to hair style? What changes are you thinking of making? Comment below or on Instagram @welcometothedollhouse2.

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