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Spring Into Fashion: Spring 2021 Lookbook

Hey Dolls,

Spring is literally around the corner and it's looking like life may be a little closer to normal than last Spring. With that being said, we have to double the slay to make up for the lost moments. We need to be serving all the things. So, today we're going to talk about the colors, prints, fabrics and cuts.


As with any other Spring, pastels will be here in a big way. So dust off your favorite lavender, baby pink and seafoam green items. In addition to the pastels we will be bringing the earth tones along for the ride and the tiniest bit of neon colors. Don't pack up your browns and olive greens just yet!


Solids are still king. But we will be having some fun with prints. Animal prints are trending for this Spring. Foliage is still vying for it's moment this Spring. An unexpected visitor this upcoming season is PAISLEY! Makes me want to puke. I say leave the paisley to Vera Bradley. We won't be doing too much with prints this season which is great for wardrobe longevity. Just a tad will do.


Expect to see full use of all of the fabrics this Spring. We'll be rocking everything from velour to latex. Thanks to Colvid-19 we will be having a ton of fun with fabrics. Designer are showing Juicy era velour sets and Dita von Teese latex bodysuits. Leather is popping up everywhere as well as brushed wool for that cozy comfy feeling.

Spring is so close I can smell it and I can't lie, I'M EXCITED! This will be one for the books. A two for one. We will be able to do all the things this season. I want to know Dolls, are you sticking to the classics, trying something new or taking another season off? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts
24 feb 2021

I'm so ready for spring....😊😊🤜🤛

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