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The Fall Wardrobe Guide

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Hey Dolls,

Fall is near. We can tell by the endless #PSL-infused menu items. While a solid pumpkin spice latte is not beneath our basic barometer, we don't need that kind of energy in our Fall wardrobe. So, let's talk about elevating Fall classics.

It's not really Fall until we're rocking a brimmed hat, mini-skirt or jeans, tights and knee high boots. This is the ultra-femme preppy Fall uniform. If this is your preferred Fall style, there are ways to elevate this look from Brittney Spears "Hit Me One More Time" to sipping rosé on a crisp Fall afternoon at your favorite vineyard.

Some tips for elevating this look are:

  • Lose or hide the button-down shirt. Less is more! The button-down has become a little costume-y.

  • Don't fear the print. A heavily patterned skirt with a solid top and shoes can go a long way.

  • The fedora isn't the only Fall approved hat. Don't be afraid to try a newsboy cap or a stetson hat.

If you're more of the jeans, flannel or plaid shirt, bulky scarf Fall vibe, there are tricks to be sure your serving "posh plaid" and not "bad plaid." This look can go "Ice Road Trucker" meets "Broke Back Mountain" real quick without the excitement or Heath Ledger.

Plaid and flannel are probably the most popular choices. This can lead to them becoming basic, bland and over done. A benefit of the bountiful selection is that it's fairly easy to elevate your look. Some ways to do that are:

  • Layering- adding a sweater, blazer or leather jacket can really glam up this look.

  • Shoes- try to avoid sneakers or combat boots. The pattern choice is casual enough.

  • Accessorize- don't skimp on the earrings, purses, bracelets, sunglasses and necklaces.

Athleisure is an every-season trend that isn't going anywhere soon. The athleisure go-to for Fall is the classic 80s sweat suit or track suit. These should feel comfy, but look glam. This isn't your moms Juicy Couture track suit.

The sweat suit is the most comfy of all the options and probably the coolest, too. They're also the most transitional. There are ways to rock a sweat suit to nearly every occasion. Here's how:

  • Get funky- try the bold colors and cute patterns.

  • Commit- really serve the look.

  • Go glam- try a full glam make-up application or super full hair.

Fall fashion is a fan fave because we can literally do all the things. Nothing is off the table. I mean, how often can you wear a mini-skirt and your coziest sweater at the same time? One minute we're in a bikini and the next a shawl equal to our own bodyweight. We want to know Dolls, what is your Fall fashion go-to? What new things are you going to try this season? Join the conversation below or Instagram @porscheporshia.

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