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The Low Down on Lingerie

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Hey Dolls,

Summer is gone and Fall is here. Better known as "cuffing season". It's only right that we get our lingerie game strong for the season. Today we are going to discuss all things lingerie, from demure to down right dirty!


Panties are a staple in the lingerie world and the options are nearly boundless. The most common are the bikini, the thong and more recently the high-waist brief. Let's talk about a few of the most popular styles a little bit.

Bikini- this is the most low-maintenance of all the options, but they still serve up a demure and sexy vibe.

Thong- a little less fabric and a little less comfortable but they definitely pack a punch with a more overt sexy vibe.

High-waist brief - these classic little things give us real pin-up feels. While the high-waist brief is the more popular cut, you can also get any of the other cuts in high-waist (i.e. thong, hipster or bikini)

Boy shorts- these are not heavy on the overt sex appeal but, what they lack in sex appeal they make up for in flirtation.

Crotchless- if you're feeling really free then this is a great option. They also come in different cuts. The most bold of the panty options.


Bras are another crucial part of the lingerie line-up. The bra can do several things. They can be fun, flirty, sexy or sassy. The most popular are the traditional push-up, bralettes and balconette cut.

Push-up - the push up is the Bentley of bras. It offers style, class and comfort, all the while being sexy AF!

Bralettes- these are flirty little things. The most lax of the bra choices, bralettes are fun and easy going.

Balconette- these are 100% luxury all the way. They give you the support of a push-up, the comfortability of a bralette and the contour of a corset.


Teddies and chemises are no longer for Karen and bored housewives. They've regained their popularity in the last few years with sexy new styles and more fabric options other than lace. These are good for special occasions or lounging around the house.


I hope you Dolls saved some room for some VA VA VA VROOM. Corsets and bustiers really turn up the heat. What they lack in comfort and breathability, they more than make up for in sex appeal and visual aesthetic. Corsets allow you to serve angelic vibes or the demands of a dominatrix. These are perfect if you want to look snatched, snatch a wig or snatch a heart!

Lingerie can be a lot of fun if we don't overthink it. Keep it mind it's all about the fun and sass. Do what makes you feel AMAZING! Keep in mind pajamas are considered lingerie too! So dress it up or down, cover up or let it hang loose. DO YOU! I want to know Dolls, what's your favorite kind of lingerie? What vibe do you go for? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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Abucaba Sky
Abucaba Sky
06 oct. 2020

Huge fan of corsets!!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts
05 oct. 2020

😱❤😁another great post !!

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