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The Set Up, Maximizing Your Wardrobe

Hey Dolls,

We're always talking about maximizing our wardrobe and making the most out of every purchase. It's essential that every time we make a purchase we consider the following:

  • Can we create more than one look?

  • Is the piece timeless?

  • Does the piece give me "that" feeling?

There's nothing worst than having a last minute event with nothing to wear because there's no time to shop and no versatility in your wardrobe. One way to be sure to increase your options is to ALWAYS BUY THE SET! Sets allow tons of versatility because in addition to being mixed and matched they can also serve all the vibes. So, let's talk all things sets!


Sets can serve anything from basic to full on glam.

Chill vibes! Nothing serves a chill vibe more than a jogger set, sweat suit or yoga set. This comfy and casual option is a everyday go to. This look can go from the couch to the gym and back again.

Keeping it cas'! When you need a little more than errand running slays but less than girls night out a short or skirt set can be a life saver. These are perfect for brunch or a lunch meeting.

Too Glam to Give a Damn

Don't sleep on the glam capabilities of the set. Let's talk about red carpet worthy glam sets. Take a break from the classic LDB and give them a pant set. What makes these pieces glam is the details. So think cool prints, added hardware or unique silhouettes.

Mix and Match

The real value of in sets aside from the convenience of not having to think about pairing outfits is the mix and match ability. With just two sets we can create a minimum of eight looks and even more when you throw a pair of denim jeans in the mix or a fitted white top. They can be dressed up or down, paired or pieced. The options are limitless!

We love a good set here at the Dolllhouse. They're clutch in a pinch and essential in building a diverse wardrobe. We want to know Dolls, do you love a set? What's your go-to set option? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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