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The Style Breakdown

Hey Dolls,

They say, "fashion is temporary and style is forever". We couldn't agree more! While personal style differs from Doll to Doll and the fashion forward doll may transition effortlessly through each style category, we can all agree The Big Eight are the base of all of our style. Let's do a quick breakdown of each category.


Easy come, easy go is the way of the trend. Trends normally are a sub-group under one of the other six categories. Trends are quick, plentiful and ever changing. The trendy doll is non-discriminatory when it comes to style. She embraces what's popular now. If everyone else is doing it, she has to do it too! Which isn't always a bad thing, unless the trend is hammer pants!


Sporty and Tomboy are two very closely-related categories. The sporty doll is active AF. So, she's seeking comfortability, breathability and durability, all the while maintaining her personal sense of style. The tomboy is usually seeking the same, but also expresses her masculine side through oversized garments and incorporating androgyny into her looks.


Casual does not mean boring and casual can be a little different for each of us. The casual doll is styled for everyday. Casual dolls are looking for everyday picks that fit right in between sporty and business,things that allow us to transition through an average day's tasks with ease and, most importantly' STYLE!


Dolls that choose sexy style want to smolder. The key to this style isn't nudity. It's all about the silhouette. The sexy Doll is seeking to illuminate her curves. There are ways to make sexy work in the board room and bed room.


The HDIC is serving some major boss vibes. Business style isn't only power suits and intense shoulder pads. Designers are creating new garments everyday inspired by the power suit and female bosses everywhere are slaying!


Don't worry, be happy! Dolls that love bohemian style are carefree and easy going in their garment selections. They're looking for loose-fits and mind-altering prints. They love texture, as long as it's created naturally. Braids, beads and fringes are a must!

Ultra Feminine

If Cinderella were a real person and wore more than gowns, she'd be the personification of ultra feminine style. Dolls who love this style are queens of a-line cuts and live for a corset or bustier. They're always seeking soft and feminine colors and fabrics (think powder pink and tulle). The feminine doll is the classic female style.


Preppy style shares a love of collars that can only be matched by an excited puppy ready for a walk. Collared shirts are incorporated into almost every look. These Dolls are also huge fans of color blocking. Stripes are always good. Preppy dolls serve a studious slay!


50s, 70s, 80s and 90s styles exist perpetually (trends excluded). These four style decades are always around and a large amount of Dolls swear by these looks.


The devil is in the details and Glam Dolls pay great attention to the details. They are actually all about the details. Glam is not all diamonds and ball gowns. Glam style is achieved by choosing the best of the best. Premium fabrics and perfect accessories are the foundation of glam style. Glam dolls are heavy on the hardware. They live for diamonds, studs, sequins, fur (faux or natural), animal skins (faux or natural) and heels only. Comfort is last on the list of the glamorous.

Most of us serve a little of each category and there's nothing wrong with that. Style should be fluid and ever evolving. We want to know Dolls, what's your style go-to? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

All the looks can be found under the shop tab.

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