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Video Meeting Dress Code 101

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Hey Dolls,

Good news is, it looks like we will be loosening the reigns a tad on the "stay at home" orders here soon. Bad news is, it'll be a little while longer before we can slay in our latest quarantined-induced online shopping binge finds. So, since Zoom meetings will continue to be the norm for the foreseeable future, we may as well master the Zoom meeting attire. There's lots to consider when deciding what to wear to a video meeting like: how formal? does the bottom half really matter? is make-up too much? The goal is to maintain optimal comfort while maintaining professionalism.

How formal or informal?

When hosting or participating in a video meeting we always want to look like we tried, but we didn't try too hard. A good rule of thumb is not to scale your wardrobe back more than two notches. For example, if you have to wear a suit and tie, then don't go much further than removing the tie and wearing a sport jacket. If you are required to wear a collared shirt and khaki pants then you can try jeans and a t-shirt. You really can't be too overdressed for a video meeting, but why not be comfortable when you can?

Is Make-Up Too Much?

The rule of thumb with make up doesn't really change from live meetings to video meetings. If you prefer to wear make-up, do so and if it's not your jam, don't. Your face, your choice.

Does The Bottom Half Really Matter?

So here's the deal with not dressing the bottom half of your body. It is perfectly fine to leave the bottom half of your body undressed or under dressed, but be cautious about any movement or potential requests for movement. Also, you want to consider that the saying "dress for success" is a real thing. Being dressed appropriately helps facilitate an environment consistent with the work environment. Dressing properly can help prevent letting our casual outfit selection bleed into our work ethic.

Although soon we will return to our offices and cubicles, we do not believe that the video meeting will be leaving us anytime soon. What are some of your tips and tricks for dressing for video meetings? What are some memorable faux paus? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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