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Wigs, Weave and Everything Between

Hey Dolls,

It seems like our fashion faves are changing their hair as frequently as they change their socks. We can't lie, we're inspired! But we all know, frequent hair coloring, braiding, curling and straightening can lead to us rocking a bald head by force. It seems like the trick is wigs, weaves and extensions! Let's talk all things related.

Classic Full Wig

The classic wig is still in use but mostly on the big screen and for stage performances. Dolls aren't really wearing full-on classic wigs for style But this staple has it purpose. Classic wigs can be applied with combs, sewn on or glued down. Gluing is the least popular classic wig application.


  • minimal damage to natural hair

  • synthetic and human hair options

  • very versatile

  • easy application


  • not very realistic

  • can move shift or slide

Lace Front Wigs

The lace front wig is the new classic wig. EVERYONE has one. These provide much more versatility than classic wigs and are a semi-permanent option. These also come in synthetic and human hair options. This is not the option for a novice. We suggest a professional for application. They can be sewn on or glued in. Let's review the pros and cons.


  • extremely versatile

  • appears natural

  • minimal natural hair damage with proper care


  • can cause extreme hair damage if not properly applied

  • more costly than traditional wig

  • self-maintenance not really an option


Extensions are a far-reaching group, but today we are going to talk about weft extensions, fusion extensions, clip-ins and tape-ins. Weft extensions, also known as tracks, can be glued, sewn or taped but not all clip-ins and tape-ins are on a weft. Fusion extensions are glued in with heat. With extensions, the pros and cons really lie in the application, so we'll discuss that.



  • Inexpensive

  • Temporary


  • Can damage hair

  • Doesn't bode well in heat



  • Long-lasting

  • Natural Appearance

  • Easy to maintain


  • Hard to remove

  • Can be damaging if not cared for by a professional

  • Expensive

Clip-Ins and Tape-Ins


  • Easy application

  • Easy removal

  • Least risk of natural hair damage


  • Can easily come out

Braids, Locs and Twists

Braids, locs and twists are all applied how they sound. Additionally, they can all be applied through latch hooking or crotcheting.


  • Protective style

  • Long lasting

  • Versatile


  • Can cause hair breakage

  • Application process can take several hours

Wigs, weave and extensions make it possible to go from blonde to jet black and bone straight to braids in moments. Here at The Dollhouse, we live for a good "fashion moment”, so we do all the things. We want to know, what do you Dolls prefer? What would you like to try? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporsche.

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