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You May Re-enter

Hey Dolls,

The authorities have spoken and we have permission to re-enter society, with some restraints, of course. It seems like the "stay-at-home" orders did 1 of 2 things for us. Either we took advantage of those free zoom exercise classes and boundless Pinterest healthy recipes, or we binge watched, drank and ate! Now it's freshman year all over again. No matter what you chose, we're all facing the same issue: our favorite clothes may not fit as well as they once fit. So let's look into ways to accommodate these changes.


Rompers will probably be the easiest to adjust. Let's discuss some ways to adjust these.

If they are too big:

  • Try adding accessories to cinch the waist such as belts or sashes.

  • Tie knots or add elastic for a more snug fit.

If they are too small:

  • Cover the top with a sweater or jean jacket.

  • Cut slits or other designs for breathe-ability.

If you're buying a size up or down:

  • Don't commit to something very far away from your regular size (if you're sizing up).

  • Go for adjustable straps and waistbands, when possible.


There's nothing more forgiving, and at the same time enhancing, as a sundress. This is the golden ticket to fashionable re-entry into society. Some reasons sundresses are perfect are:

  • The can be as loose or form-fitting as you'd like.

  • The are typically made from comfortable and elastic materials.

  • They hug the good places and hide the bad ones.


Joggers are a fan favorite and a Godsend as far as we're concerned. These are so fun and comfortable. They are great for serving a super trendy look while still leaving "room for dinner." Some tips for selecting joggers:

  • Go for the elastic band.

  • The baggier, the better (no matter if you're sizing up or down).

  • Avoid waistbands that don't allow for cinching or tightening.

Stay-at-home was a blessing and a curse. We're all more than ready to safely re-enter society, safely and FASHIONABLY! These tips should make it seamless. What are some of your favorite tricks for sizing up or down? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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