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Make a statement in this beautiful minidress. We always know just how to create glamorous yet wearable shapes and ‘Escrow’ is a perfect example.  This curve hugging dress is perfect for  a night on the town or a sexy little dinner date night. Covered in monochrome mesh this dress will NOT disappoint.

UNDERWEAR:None necessary due to the support but you could fit a light strapless bra under  


  • 32-33.5 inch bust
  • 23.5-25 inch waist
  • 32.5-34 inch high hip
  • 36-37.5 inch low hip


  • 34-35.5 inch bust
  • 27.5-29 inch waist
  • 34.5-36 inch high hip
  • 36-37.5 inch low hip


  • 36-37.5 inch bust
  • 29.5-31 inch waist
  • 36.5-39 inch high hip
  • 40-41.5 inch low hip

Escrow Dress (blue)

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