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You're the prize! Show off yolur gifts in this super sleek spandex blend skirt set. Perfect for date night or a night on the town.


Small top measurements: glove length 60cm, bust 70cm-88cm, waist 62cm-74cm, length 16.5cm

Small skirt measurements: waist 62cm-70cm, hips 80cm-90cm, length 32cm


Medium top measurements: glove length 61cm, bust 74cm-92cm, waist 68cm-76cm, length 17cm

Medium skirt measurements: waist 66cm-74cm, hips 84cm-94cm, length 37cm


Large top measurements: glove length 62cm, bust 78cm-96cm, waist 72cm-80cm, length 17.5cm

Large skirt measurements: waist 70cm-78cm, hips 88cm-98cm, length 38cm

Presy Skirt Set

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