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Hey Dolls,

Swim season is upon us. But with so many places to swim and vibes to give, we'll need to give swim shopping a little thought. We're going to discuss everything from "itty bitty teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikinis" to "marvelous monokinis".


The bikini is a classic and it's not going anywhere. Bikinis are pretty much perfect for all swim-related activities. You can wear them to the beach, on a boat or yacht, to a pool party or sunbathing on the patio. Because they've been around so long, they can seem a little basic. Some ways to refresh the traditional bikini are:

  • picking a cool color

  • look for cutouts or strappy pieces

  • add body jewelry such as waist bands and ankle bracelets


Animal prints and vegan animal skin are becoming more widely accepted and less trashy. Which is music to our ears, because we love a good leopard print. Animal print seems to be trending this season. So buy a little. Or if you love it, buy a lot. Either way you'll be prepared for this swim season and the next to come.


We understand the basics are important. But we have to be honest, we're here for the fringe benefits. Fringes and crotchet are a favorite this year. These can be a lot of fun because they add motion and shape to your swimwear look. It's a simple way to glam up your look. One thing to be cautious about when selecting fringe and crotchet swimsuits is QUALITY. This is not the time to skimp. This could lead to frayed fringes and separating weaving. So give it a try!


Monokinis are not only for your mom and children anymore. Designers are making more fashion forward monokinis. They're strapless, cutout, brightly colored, sequined, jeweled, bikini-cut and brazilian-cut. Monokinis now offer everything two-piece swim wear has offered in the past, with the added benefit of covering possible problem areas. They allow you to accentuate just the parts you choose.


Karen, the fashionistas of the world have taken your cover-ups and you can't have them back. Sarongs and cover-ups are no longer just for The Hamptons or The Yacht Club. They are becoming more stylish and the options are endless. Gone are the days of the single color and single cut. Cover-ups pair well with bikinis and can add variety to any look with minimal effort.

Swimwear shopping can be daunting and we're glad to see that more options are becoming available. We're pretty partial to ALL SWIMWEAR but we want to know what is your guys go-to swimwear look? What trends are you going to try this season? Let us know below or on Instagram and Snapchat @porscheporshia.

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