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Brunch Vibes: The Fashion Edit

Hey Dolls,

There's no meal that we love more than brunch. It's literally the best of every world. There's champagne, fashion, food, fun, weekend vibes and it can take place in the middle of the day. I mean, what more can a girl ask for? We will leave the steak and eggs to the chef, let's chat about how to pull a brunch lewk!

Brunch Preppy

If you're a preppy brunch doll you like your look as crisp as the prosecco in your mimosa. You're not afraid of steam, starch or an iron. You live by the mighty collar. You're brunch go-to's are oxford shirts, crisp tailored pants, structured rompers, blazers, and mini skirts. Your look is the eggs benedict of brunch looks, clean, classic, timeless and a little formal. To pull off this look think of a private school girl vibe as the base and add your own personal touches from there.

Basic Bxtch Realness

Now if you a BBR type of girl then your brunch look is partially based in trend and partially a uniform. There's nothing wrong with serving up a dose of basic bxtch realness from time to time. These looks haven't stood the test of time and graced all the girlies bodies for no reason. Since its Fall let's focus on Fall brunch looks. You want to pull out your tan hat, those trusty riding boots, a cute pair of jeans (NOT SKINNY JEANS) and a cozy sweater. While you won't stand out in the crowd, you will definitely feel some serious camaraderie with your fellow sisters in tan. This look is also very comfy and transitional. If you want to spice this up try ditching the jeans for a cool skirt or cool colored hats and boots.

Luxe Brunch Girlie

If you're a luxe brunch girlie your look is a high quality and cost as a Ace of Spades mimosa and as variable as make your own bloody mary combinations at a build your own bloody mary bar. You may show up in cas' luxe like Rihanna or give us a Paris Hilton luxury moment. This look is all about labels this isn't a luxury for less moment. So pull out your Louis, Gucci, Prada or Chanel and serve the girls while being served.

We have to know dolls, what's your brunch aesthetics? We're into them all, variety is the spice of life. What brunch aesthetic are you dying to try? What is your fave brunch restaurant? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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