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Budget, But Make It Fashion!

Hey Dolls,

So, the "stay at home" orders are slowly being lifted, but social distancing will still be in place and it may take a sec for our wallets to recover. But summer won't wait and our wardrobes need to be refreshed! The question becomes, how can we stay within budget and not keeping rocking last year's outfits?


We always suggest purchasing sets. Sets work for so many reasons. Normally, pricing is less expensive than buying individual pieces, they can be mixed and matched and they're a really quick way to grow your wardrobe on a budget.


Another good purchase are tops. They're relatively inexpensive, so it's easy to purchase more of them. Shirts are versatile for layering, tying and other styling options.


Dresses can be a cost-conscious purchase, emphasis on CAN. Be sure not to over spend. Dresses tend to run the range of price points. The benefits of adding more dresses to your wardrobe are:

  • They're a look all on their own

  • They can also be buildable (adding sweaters, jackets or pants)

  • They are transitional and can work in many settings

  • Alterations can be inexpensive and create a new look


Swimwear can be a hard purchase to budget, not for lack of affordable options, but, because of the frequency of use. Whether you're a west coast doll that can hit up a beach nearly every day or an east coast doll the wants to make the most of the few warm days, you don't want to wear the same suit all the time. We have a few suggestions for maximizing your purchases.

  • Make one statement swimsuit purchase

  • Shoot for solid bottoms in essential colors

  • Don't hesitate to take risks in swimsuit top choices

  • Take advantage of cover-ups and sarongs to spruce up previously purchased swimwear

We still have a bit of a road ahead before we fully recover from this pandemic. But there are several ways we can maintain some semblance of normalcy. What new items do you dolls need to purchase to be ready for summer? What are your staple pieces? Tell us below or online @porscheporshia. All of the items in today's blog are available online at

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