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Colored Contacts: Fabulous of Faux Paus

Hey Dolls,

We all know that all things come, go and come again. We also know that beauty trends are ever changing and far reaching. Colored contacts have recently made a resurgence. They have always been pretty controversial. Some people believe they're cool and add to a look while others believe they're passe as Ugg boots paired with a denim skirt. Here at The Dollhouse we believe it's all about SWAGGER! So, today we are going to dish about what works and what to avoid when rocking color contacts.

Jennifer Williams wearing colored contacts
Jennifer Williams

First things first Dolls, SAFETY! Nothing is fun about unnecessary loss of vision or eye infections. So be sure to secure your colored contacts from an approved and safe source. Along with following the care instructions. Act like your lash tech is watching.


When choosing the color that suits you best you want to take the same approach you take with eyeshadow:

Neutrals make for a more natural look.

Kylie Jenner wearing colored contacts
Kylie Jenner

Make sure the color is complimentary to your skin tone.

Kim Kardashian wearing colored contacts
Kim Kardashian

Avoid colors that are harsh on your skin and over dramatic. These will create an extremely faux and costume-y appearance. Although they can be clutch in a themed party situation.

Decorative Contacts

Decorative contacts can be a slippery slope and my rule of thumb is, if there's no theme, no decorative contacts. It's best to save these for Halloween and other cool themed parties. That's not to say decorative contacts can't be clutch when worn properly. I mean, when else are we really trying to serve spooky and kooky?

All in all, we consider contacts to be a fun part of our arsenal of beauty products. We suggest having fun with them but as with all things you must SLAY or else! We want to know where do you Dolls stand on this issue? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia. Don't forget to watch and subscribe to our youtube channel Are cosmetic contact lenses making a comeback? ( where we continue the fashion conversations.

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