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Quiet Luxury: Hot or Not

Hey Dolls,

Nothing made us feel more bitchy and fashionable than hearing: XOXO Gossip Girl. Whether we wanted to be the bitch-y fashionista behind the blog (come on, she had to be) or the even bitchier fashionista's being written about we all knew we wanted to do it in Chanel, Diane Van Furstenberg or Abigail Lorick in our very own make-believe corridors of The Constance Billiard's School for Girls. The resurgence of 00's fashion, the saturation of some of our fave luxury brands and Barbie being back on top has been the perfect storm to bring back quiet luxury.

While luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton focused more on streetwear and Fendi and Prada on logo mania, quieter luxury brands emerged as the uber wealthy girl fave. The change from ostentatious displays of logos to clean designs and high-quality fabrics with hidden logos lent itself to brands like Marc Jacobs, Burberry and Chanel to rise to the top of the list. Enter Hilary Banks, Fran Drescher and Cher Horowitz. The queens of quiet luxury. These girlies live for a good set with a scholarly feel. The quiet luxury trend has evolved from it's more literal meaning ti a vibe. You can find quiet luxury inspired looks everywhere from Dolce to Ross (we prefer Dolce).

Logo fatigue coupled with the reemergence of Barbie created the perfect storm for some quiet luxury vibes. While Barbie is a woman of many titles, uniforms and looks she'd never be caught dead with a visible logo unless it was on an accessory. Barbie is more of a dress girlie. Clean lines and flattering silhouettes are the name of the game. There won't be too many cut-outs or unconventional patterns and obvi don't skimp on the pink.

Quiet luxury is a combination of all of our favorite things ultra femininity, hourglass silhouettes, variety and 00's vibes! We have to know Dolls, are you in your quiet luxury era? We sure are! Join the conversation below or on all social media platforms @porscheporshia.

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