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The First Monday in May: Met Gala Best and Worst Dressed

Updated: May 12

It was the first Monday in May and we were all waiting with baited breathe to see what Law Roach had conjured up for Zendaya. This year's MET Gala theme was "Sleeping Beauties: The Garden of Time". The most iconic fashionistas showed up channeling everything from literal Sleeping Beauty to abstract peices of wearable art to revive and renew our fashion palette. This years theme caused some confusion so much so Anna Wintour, the queen herself, issued a statement. But I'll say the confusion pushed designers to the limit and they delivered in a way we haven't seen since circa 2019. So, lets get right into the best dressed.


Let's start with the queen of the Met herself, Zendaya. She showed up with not only 1 amazing look but 2. Talk about a double take! Both of her looks channeled a dark whimsical romance; pairing dark tones and bold silhouettes with romantic touches like florals and sheer layering. Zendaya served the dark side of a beautiful fairytail.


Tyla Met Gala 2024

Make us sweat! Tyla showed up and stopped time in a hour glass inspired dress designed by Olivier Rousting. He's back, she's here and we're gagged! What more can we say!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Met Gala 2024

It's always a risk to wear a shortie to the Met. But Nicki gave us harijuku garden Barbie. This playful three dimensional mini dress brought levity and sass to the night. Leave it to Nicki to stay so true to her persona while fully channeling the theme. She's not the queen for no reason.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore Met Gala 2024

Demi Moore, Gimme Moore! If this is what 50 looks like I am SPRINTING across that line. She stunned channeling florals and thorns in a perfectly balanced look, finished by nearly perfect Cartier stones! We can't get over the silhouette, the color contrast, the arrows and the DIAMONDS!

Teyana Taylor

Beyana Taylor Met Gala 2024

Teyana was the epitome of beauty in a deep red rose inspired gown paired with a platinum blonde messy up-do. Everything was SPOT ON, from the 3d flowers, the crystal beading and semi dropped waist.

Honorable Mentions

These honorable mention looks we're so close to perfection. SJP is serving classic Carrie in dazzling crystals. Pheobe Dynevor gave us all the whimsy our hearts could take. Gigi took us on a quick trip to a beautiful garden in the South of France with her pure white gown with pops of yellow. Janelle Monae stunned ina perfect balance of sex appeal and illusion. Sydney Sweeney delivered dainty edge in a stunning Mui Mui gown paired with latex gloved and a short jet black wig.

Missed The Mark

We don't particularly believe in worst dressed here. We believe there's a time and a place for EVERYTHING. What we do believe is that you can miss the assignment or not quite understand what's being ask of you. These ladies managed to do just that. Doja is dressed perfectly for a water-themed event or an ABC party. Not quite on theme. Lizzo was so close but decided to turn the bottom of her dress into a reverse umbrella and the headwear feels like a bit much for such a whiimsical theme. This look was a tad abrasive. Chloe Sevigny took the assignment a little too literally. Is it ironic to say her look was a little to costume-y for the Met Gala? Dua Lipa is somewhere else completely. These looks would slay at other ocassions, just not this one!

Thank You

Anna. Wintour Met Gala 2024

It would be remiss to write this article without thanking the Queen Mother herself Ms. Anna Wintour. The Met Gala is the coutour Super Bowl, a fashion lovers dream come true. A safe space for hyper indulgence in fashion and all the tradition that surrounds it. We won't even get started on what Vogue means to the culture.

We have to know Dolls, how did you feel about this years' Met Gala? We feel like this was a fashion revival. Looks in full bloom! Why must we wait another year to do this again? Join the conversation below and don't forget to continue the conversation on our youtube channel

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Well written. Always enjoy this blog and the vlog on youtube!

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