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Working with a Personal Stylist

Hey Dolls,

When we hear the word stylist, the first thing that comes to mind is makeover, which can be overwhelming, and if we already have a grasp on our personal style, useless. But super glam and life-altering makeovers aren't the only use of a personal stylist. Today we are going to spill the tea on all the benefits of working with a personal stylist.

Defining or Refining Your Personal Style

Working with a stylist to define or refine your personal style is the most popular and effective use of a personal stylist. A good stylist can help you to build a wardrobe that is functional and speaks to how you want to express yourself through your clothing choices. If you already have a significant amount of pieces that you love but need help tying them together, a stylist can be very helpful with that also. Personal stylists have the ability to develop a wardrobe that transitions well with multi-use pieces.

Building a Wardrobe for a Special Occasion

Sometimes we just need a quick look for a themed party, cocktail party or wedding. A stylist can help you build a look that is new and fun or help you elevate your existing items to the occasion. Whether you want to slay a 90s party or a wedding reception, a personal stylist can help take your looks to the next level.

Building a Wardrobe for a Life Change

Nothing is better than starting a new career or having a baby. Major life changes warrant major wardrobe changes. This also goes for retiring or dropping baby weight. Working with a stylist to add, remove and alter pieces can help transitioning into new life roles seamless.

Complete Make Over

The most popular use of a stylist is a complete make over. There is nothing more fun and exciting than completely reinventing your wardrobe. This can be a costly and daunting task if undertaken alone. Enlisting the help of a stylist can help to narrow in on the best choices and open the doors to many options. Personal stylists can help you to translate a vision into several outfit choices.

Working with a stylist has major benefits. Not only do they have access to all the best and newest clothing and accessory options, they offer a level of service that shopping on your own can't offer. I mean how often are all of your fave pieces pulled from your favorite places and available to shop from the comfort of your home? Today it is easy to work with a personal stylist and maintain a reasonable budget. We want to know Dolls, do you work with a personal stylist? Have you considered working with a personal stylist? If you're looking to work with a personal stylist or try one out, click here. Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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