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No Pants, No Problem: The Latest Fashion Trend

The girls have gone WILD! Several women from Bravolebrities to well know fashion girlies have ditched pants for itsy bitty hot shorts! Hot shorts have made their debut everywhere from the red carpets of Paris to the dark corners of LIV nightclub. We live for a pop up trend. While I don’t believe the short shorts are here to stay, they are having a moment so let’s chat about all we know hot shorts!

Pin Up

The most common take on this trend has been the pin-up inspired vibe. Grab your cleanest, whitest, crispest Oxford shirt, a pair of sky high Loubs and some luxe jewelry. Viola, you have a LOOK!  Ditch the idea of fishnet tights, we’re not cosplaying! But a pair of black sheer tights are more than okay.

Hot Girl

Giddy up girlies! Between Cowboy Carter, T- Swift and Megan Thee Stallion, we CAN’T get enough of southern cowboy aesthetic. So, it’s no question we’d find a way to blend the trend.  The key components of executing this look is LOTS OF HAIR, a teensie pair of hot shorts, some tassels (vest or cute top will do the trick),  a glam cowboy hat and some good old fashion cowboy boots! Leave the lasso at home.

Street Style

The bold girlies don't reserve this risqué trend for red carpets and runways. Catch them at the local Erewhon in a pair of hot shorts with a green juice in hand. If you want to slay the street style take on this trend. Grab a vintage tee, (Side note: if it's rock tee make sure you know a song or two, don't want to anger the gen x'ers), colored hot shorts can make an appearance here, pile on the chunky jewelry and toss on a cute pair of shoes. You've done it!

As a former cheerleader I feel quite at home in a pair of hot shorts. So, I am fully onboard for this sassy little nostalgic trend. I'd like to know what you think, Dolls. Is too little, too much? Is the vibe bring it on summers coming? We have to know will you give it a try? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia. Continue the chat on YouTube at

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