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A Quick Courtside Catch Up: Dressing for a Basketball Game

Hey Dolls,

Basketball season is in full effect and we all know that the boys' backstage entrance can rival the runways of Paris Fashion week. Sometimes us girlies are giving our fave couch potato game day looks. While there's definitely a time and a place to wear that branded team shirt they gave away at last years' game or that team promo event you attended. It isn't always the best option for an IRL basketball experience. It's NEVER okay when the guys outdo the girls. So, let's have a quick chat on how to elevate our game day fashion.


First up, is courtside. If you're sitting court side Doll, the camera is going to be on you and it's your time to shine. The only jersey's that should be in the proximity of you are on the backs of the players. This is no time for jeans and a jersey (we'll get to that later). The road to a court side slay has 3 routes; team colors, the latest hot fashion item or dad fashion everything.

If you're rocking team colors the idea is to keep it tasteful. Just a dash of the teams' color will go a long way. If you're a trend girlie then whether it's the Big Red Boot or the latest from the runway of Versace. Rocking that one item that popped up out of nowhere and now is popping up everywhere won't miss. Last but not least is dad everything or what I like to call director chic. A cas' pair of dad jeans, 90's inspired sneakers, vintage tee and a baseball cap will go a long way.

Lower-Mid and Club Level

If you're sitting in the lower section or the club level you're fandom is tried and true. You may wear team gear! Don't hesitate to pull out that team jersey, baseball cap or sweatshirt. Balance it with some cute jeans, sweats or a skirt. NO LEGGINGS! Those are for the gym. It'll really be 🤌 if you finished the look with some super cool basketball sneakers that are unique, nostalgic or limited edition. Be very cautious to keep it a spirited team ensemble and not a cheerleader or mascot costume. Avoid matching sets, poofs, poms and bows. Leave the sets to the dance team. Having a flawless mid-level beat is also essential to tying the look together. Make sure your make up is enough to recognize it's an evening sporting event but natural enough to not be doing the MOST!

Upper Level

Gotta be honest girlies; supreme comfort is the name of the game in the upper-level seats. Your shoes gotta be made for walking and you have to fit comfortably into a tiny little seat. So, keep it light, not too many bags or accessories. Make sure the jeans are loose fitting and breathable. The vibes of the upper level are unmatched and it's the perfect place to take some activewear risks. Feel free to rock that team track suit with the team logo all over it. Or toss on a lightweight promo tee and have a blast. It's a Bud Light kind of night don't overthink it Doll!

There's no better sporting event than a basketball game and no other sport brings the fashion variety basketball brings. We have to know Dolls, what's your go-to courtside look? Are you sports girlie? Join the conversation below and continue the conversation on Instagram @porscheporshia. Don't forget to check out the youtube channel Style Tips for a Basketball Game (

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