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2024 Women's Spring Fashion Trends

Hey Dolls,

March is here which means Spring is near! We will be saying hello to flowers, pastels, lilac and baby pink real soon. We all know the Spring basic for a fresh spring forward look. What I'd like to chat about today are the trends popping up this Spring. Because, what's more fashionable than timeless classics paired with a dash of trend.


If you're a wedge girlie, you live and die by the wedge. You are able to appreciate that it's comfy, easy to walk in and they transition from occasion to occasion pretty effortlessly. If you're a fashion girlie you know that wedges have been a little sus' until the last year or so. Wedges got the rep of a troll-y little chunk of shoe but this years' Paris Fashion Week ran rampant with wedges. Now they're everywhere, like Housewives on Ozempic. But we're not mad about that, no one's legs look bad in wedges and a pair of shorts.

A Very Brady Spring

This is going to be the MOST MOD Spring we've seen since 1969. So, channel your best Marsha Brady (Peter, if you're androgynous) and get ready to get not so mod-est in ultra short hemmed mini skirts and bitchin' mini dresses. Another Br

ady staple, the bell-bottom jean is making a comeback. Skinny jean fatigue paired with the unflattering Dad jean options made way for the bell bottom to sashay right on in. And we're talking full on bell not an extra-wide boot or little flair.

Girl Power

People of the world, spice up your life! Every boy, every girl, spice up your life! Ti's the season of GIRL POWER! We're getting really feminine and ultra gender normative. Baby pinks, frills, bows, florals, ruffles and lace are spring staples. Let's get whimsical. Spring collections are full of lightweight lace dresses, 3 dimensional flowers and pastel pigments were a go-to.

Preppy Casual

Croquet anyone? Tbh, we'll pass on the croquet, but we'll take the wardrobe options on any sunny Spring Day. Athleisure is looking like bougie sportswear with an ultra lounge-y twist. Think Tommy Hilfiger in The Hamptons! I love a good pair of Sperry's.

There are some trends that'll be making the transition from Fall to Spring like mob wife, oversized accessories, plentiful thin fringe and metallics. We're glad they've decided to extend their stay. We will be saying see ya later to deep earth tones and chunky sweaters though.

Spring is one of the most fun fashion seasons of the year with days warm enough for cute flowing dresses and cool sunny days that lend themselves to some lightweight layers. We have to know Dolls, what trends are you most excited to see this Spring? What are you going to try first? Are any of these trends a miss? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia. Continue the convo and many other fashion conversations on our Youtube channel

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