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Hey Dolls,

Sadly, we've reached the end of Legends Week. And we've got one more legend to recognize. Obviously we had to have a Cher moment.

Picking 4 legends is hardly enough, but Cher's legend status is undeniable as her voice. The timeless, ageless, Cher is utter perfection. Cher is in the 6th decade of an amazing career. That is legendary in itself. From Sonny and Cher to a unrivaled Las Vegas residency, Cher is the epitome of legendary. Let's look at some of her best moments and looks.

Cher embodies female empowerment, transition and innovation. Cher has carried many titles such as singer, mother, director, philanthropist and actress. One thing we know for sure is being a legend is a balancing act. We couldn't think of a better way to end Legends Week other than honoring the "Goddess of Pop"!

We know there are many more legends to discuss. Who did we miss? Who's in your top 4? Join the conversation below or on Instagram @porscheporshia.

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