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A Valentine's Day Slay: Tips to Achieve the Perfect Valentine's Day Look

Hey Dolls,

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and putting together the perfect is essential to making it a day to remember. Whether you're spending the day with bae, bestie or that cute boy from Bumble we will discuss the key elements of a fire Valentine's Day look. Since we can't serve our Baby Cupid inspired look until the end of the night let chat about all the v-day vibes!

Galentine's Day

This is the time to serve the looks he just won't understand. Because the girlies get it! It's the perfect time to serve some fun, literal nostalgia and hyper-themed realness. Got a chunky sweater with hearts all over it? Wear it as a sweater dress. Have a really fun hairstyle in mind? Time to execute. I suggest sticking in the traditional color way: red, pink, white or deviate in color but stick to the traditional patterns: hearts, roses and romantic fonts but feel free to take some creative risks.

Valentine's Day with Bae

If you're planning a traditional Valentine's Day celebration, keep the look as classic as your plans. A traditional Valentine's Day look has three key elements, emphasis on silhouette, classic color ways (red, pink, black) and all the sexy confident vibes that we naturally behold, Length determines the attitude of the look. If you're aiming for young, sassy and flirty: go short. If you're shooting for sultry, sensual and a little reserved, grab that midi dress. If you're the glam mother of us all rock that floor length dress with grace.

Valentine's Day with the Fam

Who doesn't love a love day spent with the hubby and kiddos? Obvi, if you're with the fam the traditional Valentine's looks just won't do the trick. This is the time to have some good clean family fun. Matching themed outfits are fail proof. This is also a time you can rock some jeans and a cute top. Pull out those limited-edition sneakers you didn't know when you would need them or how you'd rock them. You just knew you needed them. Keep it cas' mama style.

Valentine's Day Waterfront

As you Dolls already know if I could spend every minute of every day waterfront in a hot bikini I absolutely would. So, it would be remiss to skip V-Day at the beach, on a yacht, at the lake or poolside at a villa. This is the perfect time to rock your sexiest, tiniest red bikini. Or you can keep it cute in something pretty and pink. If you're not super into colors channel your inner angel baby in something white and super angelic.

Valentine's Day is all about spreading the love and we love fashion! I want to know Dolls, what is you go-to V-Day look? Are you taking any fun fashion risks this holiday? Join the conversation below or on Instagram/Tiktok @porscheporshia. Click the pics to shop the looks! Want to dive deeper? Check out our youtube channel

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